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How to Bet on In 4 Easy Steps

How to Bet on In 4 Easy Steps


Before you can start placing bets, you need to put some money into your account. When you open a new account, your balance is ZERO [0.00] so you need to fund it. To fund your account kindly click on this link your account has been funded, you can begin to place bets. Here are the steps to follow:
Select the type of sport you want to place your bet on. For example Soccer, Basketball, Tennis etc. The sports are listed on the left side of the web page.
See the image below

Click on + tab opposite the sport type to select the League you want to place your bet on .Example Premier League,Championship,League A and so on. It is indicated with the red circle on the image below.

Once you have selected the league you want, click on the teams you want to stake on, when you click on the team it will appear on your bet slip which is at the right hand side of the page
Once it has appeared on your bet slip, whichever team you want to win you will have to click on the team. For example if you want Liverpool FC to win the match, you will click on Liverpool FC, if it’s West Bromwich Albion you will click on it. If you also want the match to end in a draw you will click on the capital X in the middle of both teams.
If you are staking on a single match please move to STEP 4 to finish the procedure but if you want to accumulate the matches then you can select different teams and it will appear on the bet slip.
See the image below: Accumulator bet slip

After selecting the matches you want, you can then proceed to bet. Enter the amount you want to bet within the space provided beside “stake”. Click on Next under your bet slip. Click again on “Next” to complete your bet.
Note: You can accumulate matches from different countries. In the example above, if you want to add another bet from another country into your accumulator, simply click on the country on the left hand side. Your bet slip will remain intact. After adding it, you can place your bet. If you win, your account will be credited within 10 minutes after the Matches are played

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