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The speed of the computer is very important and cannot be traded for anything. This can be frustrating sometimes especially when you want to do an important task and your personal computer is not responding. Although, there can also be other factors that can cause this which for example is size of RAM, processor speed etc. The following steps will help you to boost the speed of your computer. The five simple steps to speed up your computer includes:
1. Free up Disk Space by removing unwanted files and unused programs from your computer.
Remove temporary Internet files.
Empty the Recycle Bin.
Remove Windows temporary files.
Uninstall Programs that you no longer use.
2. Always perform Hard Disk Defragmentation.
> Click on Start > All Programs > Accessories > System tools
> Open the Disk Defragmentor program
> Click on Analyze Disk
3. Clean Up your PC Registry (Very Much Important).
Windows doesn’t provide any in built tool for cleaning the registry and cleaning up your Windows registry increases the speed of your computer. So, you have to use a commercial registry cleaner like PC Health Advisor to perform this task.
Each time you install/uninstall a program or make changes to your computer, a new entry is added to the registry. So, with time, a large amount of unwanted or invalid entries get to accumulate which begins to clog your registry. This drastically reduces the speed of your computer. Hence, clean up your registry on a regular basis to keep your computer performance at its best. Software that helps you do registry cleaning is available
4. Remove Unwanted Programs from the Start-Up
Once your PC is ON, there are some background programs that run of which some of them are no longer needed and they reduce the speed. Follow the steps below to remove unwanted background programs and increase your PC speed:
• Click Start > All Programs > Click Run
> Type msconfig in Run dialog box and hit Enter.
> Now in the System Configuration window, goto Startup tab
> Uncheck unwanted programs that you wish to remove from the start-up programs
• Click Apply
5. Scan for Malware programs like viruses and spyware
viruses and spyware programs can reduce the performance of your PC. Install a good antivirus software and keep it updated so as to stay away from malware programs.

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