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Sending Bulk SMS/Internet SMS can be so cumbersome for the first timers or beginners but it is very easy. There are steps involved in sending bulk SMS or internet SMS. These steps are what the beginners should be interested in:

Get The Phone Numbers: The SMS might be an invitation SMS for wedding and other ceremonies. It can be for religious ceremonies and events or political. You have to first of all, get the phone numbers. You can write it down on a sheet or sheets of paper. Remember to write it in this format; 0803XXXXXXX, 0805XXXXXXX, 0809XXXXXXX, etc. Separate the phone numbers that will be used for bulk SMS with commas (no space).
Transfer The Phone Numbers to Notepad: After writing it down, transfer them to Notepad. You can get Notepad by clicking on the ‘START’ button, then click on ‘ALL PROGRAMS’ and select ‘ACCESSORIES’ and then proceed to select NOTEPAD. I prefer Notepad because it will reduce if not eliminate the incidence of bad formats and characters. N/B: Don’t use MS Office, Open Office etc.
Type The Message To Be Sent In Notepad: The next step to send bulk SMS/ Internet SMS is to type the message in the same notepad but do it under the phone numbers. That means you have to give enough space by hitting the ‘Enter’ key.
Find An Affordable Bulk SMS Provider: You can do this if you have an internet-enabled computer. I prefer using the computer or PC to send Bulk SMS. Although, there are several bulk SMS provider but I have been using and I have not had a single issue with them. I will also advise you to adopt their service to avoid having issues. CLICK HERE TO USE THEIR SERVICE.
Register With The SMS provider.
Activate Your Account via your email.
Purchase/Buy SMS either with your ATM card or Direct Credit. (for instant credit, use the ATM card option).
Click on ‘Send SMS’ on the left panel.
Type the branded Sender ID that you want to show on the recipient’s phone as the sender. You can use your phone number.
Copy and Paste the numbers that yo typed in the notepad in the ‘Phone Number’ area, then copy and paste the message in the ‘message’ area and click on ‘SEND’ if you want immediate SMS delivery or ‘SEND LATER’ if you want it to be sent automatically on the date provided.

You can use this premium bulk SMS service.

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