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Are you looking forward to have the most advanced and latest technologies integrated into your office so that your employees will be able to perform better, enjoy their work and deliver their best? We are a one-stop solution where you can get any kind of computer for your business.

Since we are in the era of the internet and IoT (internet of things) and virtually every business-related work including communication with clients and customers is carried out online, your employees most certainly need to acquire the best and latest IT products so that they can:

    1. Easily connect with peers and clients
    2. Enjoy a uniform communication network
    3. Create and share documents on the go from anywhere and anytime
    4. Surpass geographical, time and communication barriers and limitations.
    From laptops to hybrid laptops, workstations, and tablets, we have everything you need to expand and grow your business.


A laptop is a battery powered portable computer usually the size of a briefcase or sometimes even smaller. What makes it a top choice among business owners when it comes to investment in IT products is the fact that it is very easy to move around and carry. You can store heavy business data files in your laptop and carry it conveniently anywhere you like, in spaces like at meetings, in libraries, in offices and airplanes.
A hybrid laptop is a great choice, if you have employees who work both in-house and also go out every now and then to meet customers, because this laptop in a 2 in 1 versatile notebook. It works like both a laptop and tablet. It’s amazing and unique detachable design enables users to remove the screen from the keyboard, smoothly, and use it as a standalone device. This means your employees can use it as a laptop when working in-house and detach it and convert it into a tablet when going out to meet clients. It will help your employees move around with the tablet with ease.


A Desktop is basically a computer type. It is primarily used for CAM and CAD engineering apps, desktop publishing, software development and also those apps that require computing power in large amounts and high graphic capabilities.
Desktops normally come with large graphic screen featuring high-resolution GUI and built in network. These devices also come with a RAM of at least sixty four megabytes. The two most common operating systems used in workstations are Windows NT and UNIX.
As compared to other IT products, workstation has a very high computing power that lies between that of a minicomputer and desktop computer. Some of the popular workstation brands include Lenovo and HP. Factors that make workstations a great investment decision are that they offer intelligent performance, enjoy improved productivity and can handle heavy workloads.


A tablet is a portable IT device much smaller and lighter in weight in comparison to a laptop. This wireless slate style computer is deployed with a user-friendly and smart touchscreen interface. Its portability and performance have truly made it one of the most popular and desirable IT gadgets today. Some of the best know tablet brands in the market are Apple’s iPad, Amazon’s Kindle-Fire and Microsoft’s Surface. The popularity of this IT product can be gauged by the increasing number of working professionals opting for tablets for both personal and business use. And besides this, they are also coming in different styles such as convertible tablets, hybrid tablets and rugged tablets. A tablet makes a great choice for those who are always on the go and want to stay connected with peers and family.

Software is any computer program that enables you to perform certain specific tasks on your computer. It directs the function of all the peripheral devices of the computer, including your mouse, hard drive, monitor, and keyboard, etc. Without software, it would be impossible to operate the hardware. A software comprises two major categories: system software and application software.

All office work is now computer-based and requires the best software programs. It’s crucial to install the needed software programs in your system so that you can work more efficiently, improve your business performance as well as increase its productivity.

Using the right combination of software tools is important to boost your overall organizational productivity. For example, you own a design company, you need to install the best software programs across departments.

Some of the included software applications there are MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Publisher. The marketing team can use PowerPoint to create top-quality business presentations and present it to potential customers and partners, thus capturing more business.
Failing to install antivirus software in your system can make your business vulnerable to serious risk. Apart from stealing private data, malicious programs are also known for crippling systems. They can destroy your systems in the blink of an eye and bring your business to a standstill. And business discontinuity can make you lose profit, miss opportunities, and even make your clients go to competitors, who offer the same services as you.
There are two type of software, namely; System Software and Application Software.

System Software

System software is the interface, or the intermediary. It lets you communicate between the other software and the hardware. There are five types of system software. These are intended to control and coordinate the functions and procedures of computer hardware and, thus, streamline the interaction between software, hardware, and the user. System software types include: Operating system (OS), Device drivers, Firmware, Programming language translators and Utilities. Without system software, it would be impossible to operate the hardware.

Application Software

Application software is a computer program that performs a specific function, be it educational, personal, or business. It is also known as an end-user program or a productivity program. You can think of system software as a cake and the application software as the frosting on top of it. It is the application software (frosting) that you, the user, get to see upfront when you are working with that software.
Each of the computer application software programs is developed to assist you with a particular process that may be related to creativity, productivity, or better communication. It helps you in completing your tasks, be it jotting down notes, completing your online research, setting an alarm, keeping an account log, and even playing games. Unlike system software, computer application software programs are specific in their functionality and do the job that they are designed to do.
Some of the Application Software you can get from SanLinkz, the IT firm in Nigeria includes; Word processors, Graphics software, Database software, Spreadsheet software, Presentation software, Web browsers, Enterprise software, Information worker software, Multimedia software, Education and reference software, Content access software, Management System Software, etc.

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