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A laptop is a battery powered portable computer usually the size of a briefcase or sometimes even smaller. What makes it a top choice among business owners when it comes to investment in IT products is the fact that it is very easy to move around and carry. You can store heavy business data files in your laptop and carry it conveniently anywhere you like, in spaces like at meetings, in libraries, in offices and airplanes.
A hybrid laptop is a great choice, if you have employees who work both in-house and also go out every now and then to meet customers, because this laptop in a 2 in 1 versatile notebook. It works like both a laptop and tablet. It’s amazing and unique detachable design enables users to remove the screen from the keyboard, smoothly, and use it as a standalone device. This means your employees can use it as a laptop when working in-house and detach it and convert it into a tablet when going out to meet clients. It will help your employees move around with the tablet with ease.


A Desktop is basically a computer type. It is primarily used for CAM and CAD engineering apps, desktop publishing, software development and also those apps that require computing power in large amounts and high graphic capabilities.
Desktops normally come with large graphic screen featuring high-resolution GUI and built in network. These devices also come with a RAM of at least sixty four megabytes. The two most common operating systems used in workstations are Windows NT and UNIX.
As compared to other IT products, workstation has a very high computing power that lies between that of a minicomputer and desktop computer. Some of the popular workstation brands include Lenovo and HP. Factors that make workstations a great investment decision are that they offer intelligent performance, enjoy improved productivity and can handle heavy workloads.

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