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Airline & Road Transport IT Set-Up

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Airline & Road Transport IT Set-Up

It may sound as a surprise but there are still places where passengers must go to the bus station or agencies to redeem tickets they bought online. Our modern reservation system should enable drivers to accept electronic tickets with an as short pre-purchase period as possible. Ideally, the passenger could arrive at the bus stop 10 minutes before the bus arrives, buy a ticket with a numbered seat from their smartphone, and upon arrival, the driver already knows that there’s a passenger waiting to board.
This feature is especially important when taking into account the growing trend of on-demand transport and its effect on passengers expectations to be picked up close to their location. It is quite realistic that long-distance operators will be adding considerably more flexible demand-driven pickup and drop-off points where the bus will stop only if a passenger has purchased their ticket in advance. This requires drivers to have constant, real-time overview of their dynamically changing passenger manifest.
Lastly, a clear understanding of the status of passenger manifest allows drivers to reuse seats left by no-show passengers. Modern reservation system can free those seats automatically for other passengers to book for up-coming route segments. We will offer you a complete airline booking system, road transportation booking system, sea transportation booking system.

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