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IT Infrastructure

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Server Solution

Automated Server Room Set-Up

As a leading IT service provider in Nigeria, we have the team to guide and assist you in preparing your server room. We will also guarantee that your room does not miss a beat in terms of executing tasks that meet your company standards. In other words, choosing us would be a great investment to consistently keep your company progressing.
By implementing an automated server room setup, you can manage your room in ways that a traditional server room does not allow. For instance, you can access your server room anytime, anywhere. Whether you are inside or outside the premises, you can relatively monitor your server’s status with ease. Such convenience would enable you to operate in a more flexible, cost-effective manner. This is because you would not be hiring that much employees to watch over your server 24/7.

Modern Data Centre Set-Up

When a firm became bigger, it’s more likely that you find it challenging to store voluminous amounts of files. In that case, perhaps setting up a data center is the course of action you need to take. A modern data center has all the amenities that allow industries to store digital assets in a more systematic manner.
We have the capacity to set up a modern Data Centre for your organization.

Network Solution

Network solutions are truly vital in ensuring data security and preventing cyberattacks from happening. At Vomshel Link, we aim to build a sturdy and secure network for our customers’ business and personal use. Malicious attacks are fairly common nowadays, and unfortunately, no network or server is invincible from cybercrime. By stabilizing your network infrastructure, you can worry less about potential attacks from hackers or spammers.
the highly competitive nature of industries nowadays allows for illegal activities just for the sole purpose of being on top. It’s not uncommon for rival companies to hire professionals to enter your system and possibly sabotage your files. Then there are those who utilize cybercrime as a business by compromising data and asking for ransom in exchange for your precious resources. Therefore, it’s only natural to upgrade your security. Not only do you need it within the four corners of your building, but also within your internal networks.

Smart Home Solution

The concept of incorporating technology into houses is not that outlandish. In fact, plans for smart home solutions are already a thing during the primitive days of the Internet. While the realization of such plans was impossible at the time, technology has tremendously improved today. This allows for innovations to flourish, leading to limitless potentialities
We can develop and structure your home with the latest home technologies and appliances. For instance, you can control the overall temperature of your home with one touch, or prepare meals and wash dishes at a set time. Of course, you can do these things manually. However, a smart home that simplifies chores like these can be beneficial especially when you’re already tired from work.

Structure Cabling

Structured Cabling

The advancement in technology has made business operation simpler and more efficient. Hardware and network infrastructure contributed greatly to the improvement of operational activities. For instance, structured cabling could effectively speed up system connections more than a regular cable would.
Every IT professional expert would agree that network infrastructure is a fundamental asset in your business. However, investing in future-proof cabling can be costly and time-consuming. You need a service provider that could provide practical solutions to ensure that your cabling lasts longer and functions perfectly well.
We offer structured cabling solutions that can power up your business’ potential. It runs via a centralized management network which enables you to perform overall functions in a single, all-encompassing system. Do wireless backhauling while tweaking your lighting systems. Manage who can access and control your storage while figuring out which sensory system works best. The possibilities are virtually endless with this multi-faceted cabling solution!

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