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CCTV System

Closed Circuit Television or CCTV Surveillance systems are TV systems that are installed and monitored for security and surveillance purposes, in which signals are publicly distributed. Normally, you will see this in place in some establishments and offices. Despite this is an old technology that has been around for years, there have been significant advancements in CCTV displays over time. Unlike old Closed Circuit TV systems that had low resolution and small black & white monitors without any interactive capabilities, the modern-day CCTVs are colored, have high-resolution displays, and loaded with outstanding features that help ensure top-notch security of the premises. Some CCTV systems feature the zoom in facility. This means you can zoom in on the image or video, track any mysterious activity on the screen and take action immediately, which otherwise may be difficult to observe on old and black & white display screens. CCTV Camera types include ; Bullet CCTV Security System, Infrared CCTV Security System, C- Mount CCCTVs and Dome CCTVs.

Door Access Control System

Door access systems offer authorized individuals both secure and safe access to different business parts while keeping out unauthorized people. Access control is simply the action of ensuring that only the correct people are allowed to access certain spaces or assets. Most access control systems are based around doors, which rely on readers that grant or deny access, meaning that they unlock the door. This happens when a cardholder presents a valid badge or other form of credentials, alerting the reader that a user is requesting entry.
Door access systems simplify the management of the facility as well as ensure excellent premises security. As a leading supplier of Door Access Control System in Nigeria, we supply high quality and affordable Different types of Access Control system.

Security Software

Computer secuity software are software that provides protection to the computer files and documents. Apart from the protection, some computer security software can repair already corrupted files of the computer system.
We have the following computer security software for sales; (1) Antivirus (2) Firewall (3) Virtual Private Network (VPN) (4) Internet Security

Linux & Windows Servers

We have the two most popular and widely used server operating systems in the world, Windows Server and Linux Server.
In physical terms, a server can be defined as a physical machine over which the computer programs run upon. The machine can either be a dedicated server or it may be used for some other purpose. A server can be a mail server, file server, database server, etc. where an organization’s critical information is kept to be accessed by the users.

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